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Trial ID CC-96191-AML-001  |   NCT04789655

Study of CC-96191 in Participants With Relapsed or Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Celgene Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


  • Phase 1
  • Male and Female Gender icon
  • 18+
    Age Range
  • 10
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This Phase 1, clinical study of CC-96191 will explore the safety, tolerability and preliminary biological and clinical activity of CC-96191 as a single-agent in the setting of Relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia (R/R AML). The dose escalation (Part A) of the study will explore escalating intravenous doses of CC-96191 to estimate the MTD and/or RP2D of CC-96191 as monotherapy. The expansion (Part B), will further evaluate the safety and efficacy of CC-96191 administered at or below the MTD in one or more expansion cohorts in order to determine the RP2D.

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Key Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria Icon img
  • Participants must satisfy the following criteria to be enrolled in the study:.
    1. Participant must understand and voluntarily sign an informed consent form (ICF) prior to any study-related assessments/procedures being conducted.
      1. Participant is ≥ 18 years of age at the time of signing the ICF.
        1. Relapsed or refractory CD33 positive AML at last visit as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification who have failed or who are ineligible for or have refused all available therapies for AML which may provide clinical benefit.
          1. Participant has Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) performance status (PS) of 0 or 1.
            1. At least 4 weeks (from first dose) has elapsed from donor lymphocyte infusion without conditioning.
              1. Females and males must practice true abstinence or agree to contraceptive methods throughout the study, and during the safety follow-up period.

                Exclusion Criteria

                Exclusion Criteria Icon
                • The presence of any of the following will exclude a Participant from enrollment:.
                  1. Participant is suspected or proven to have acute promyelocytic leukemia (FAB M3) based on morphology, immunophenotype, molecular assay, or karyotype.
                    1. Participant has received systemic anticancer therapy (including investigational therapy) or radiotherapy < 28 days or 5 half-lives, whichever is shorter, prior to the start of study treatment. Hydroxyurea is allowed to control peripheral leukemia blasts.
                      1. Participants with prior autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant who, in the investigator's judgment, have not fully recovered from the effects of the last transplant (eg, transplant-related side effects).
                        1. Prior allogeneic HSCT with either standard or reduced intensity conditioning ≤ 6 months prior to dosing.
                          1. Participants on systemic immunosuppressive therapy post HSCT at the time of screening, or with clinically significant graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). The use of topical steroids for ongoing skin or ocular GVHD is permitted.
                            1. Participant has persistent, clinically significant non-hematologic toxicities from prior therapies which have not recovered to < Grade 2.
                              1. Participant has or is suspected of having central nervous system (CNS) leukemia. Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid is only required if CNS involvement by leukemia is suspected during screening.
                                1. History of concurrent second cancers requiring active, ongoing systemic treatment.
                                  1. Participant is known seropositive or active infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), or active infection with hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus.
                                    1. Impaired cardiac function or clinically significant cardiac diseases, as defined in the protocol.
                                      1. Participant is a pregnant or lactating female.
                                        1. Participant with isolated extramedullary disease without bone marrow involvement.
                                          1. Inadequate pulmonary function as defined as oxygen saturation (SpO2) < 92% on room air.
                                            Additional Information *
                                            • Other protocol-defined Inclusion/Exclusion criteria apply.

                                              Treatment Options

                                              Study Arms

                                              ASSIGNED INTERVENTION

                                              Study Arms

                                              Experimental: CC-96191

                                              ASSIGNED INTERVENTION
                                              • Drug: CC-96191
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